• Ensure that your child attends class regularly and on time.
  • Communicate any special needs or circumstances that may affect your child within the classroom.
  • Be an active part of your child’s Faith Formation.
  • Know your child’s teacher and help them if they are seeking volunteers for a project or activity.  (Please abide by the fingerprinting guidelines of the Diocese)
  • Behave in a Christian manner at all time, both in the classroom or at any Faith Formation event.
  • Actively participate in classroom activities and discussions; ask questions.
  • Attend class regularly and be prepared with anything that might have been assigned.
  • Respect others and others' property.  Please be respectful.


Students are expected to attend 90% of the sessions in order to assure reasonable participation and learning.  Please notify the Faith Formation Office of any anticipated absence and when the student will return to class.  If you are moving, please notify our office.